Nice to meet you
I am Clara Nguyen. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for Computer Science. I started as a teaching assistant in Fall 2016. In lab sessions, I will provide examples and hints to your current lab assignment to give you that push needed to succeed. This site will have all of the resources I utilized during those lab sessions as well, so students won't miss out.
Let's get straight into it. These are the courses I am currently TA'ing, or have TA'd for in the past. Click a box to go to its respective page.
Pictures with my students
Each semester (starting from Fall 2017), I ask students during the final lab session if they want to take a picture with me outside near the Min H. Kao building (Students who choose not to, instead, stay and read the final lab writeup). Click the pictures below to view them in their full resolution.