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Talk #6 - A Network Analysis of Modern Warfare 2
Description: A look at how Modern Warfare 2's network code works. Story of the creation of CN_MW2SM.
Slogan: One More Extra...
Presenters: Clara Nguyễn
Type: Class Presentation
Date Originally Presented: 2020/11/19
Downloads: n/a
Talk Summary
This is a talk I've been waiting to give for years. It's fitting that it's the final talk I'm giving in Graduate School. This is the (rather simple) story of the creation of CN_MW2SM (Clara Nguyễn's Modern Warfare 2 Server Manager), a tool for moderating servers in the PC version of Modern Warfare 2. Sure, it's just a tool, but I'm giving this talk for the story as well. It's the ultimate #StoryTimeWithClara, but also the last. One More Extra...

Again, I go through this talk as if I'm telling a story, just like my bitDP talk. I tell the simple tale of some random dude on the internet pissing me off enough to make a better version of their own tool. It's quite elegant, honestly. I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, I am not so certain on the legality of this talk. The slides and this page will not be published as a result until I have confirmation I am legally allowed to. This tool is a packet sniffer and web server hybrid which grabs other player's IP addresses, shows it, and can use it to kick people from your lobbies. This degree of obtaining personal information, while extremely trivial, leads me to believe I shouldn't share the information publicly on this page. Even during the original talk, I had to censor some information. I have contacts in the MW2 scene who have gotten DMCAs from Activision over similar tools.